About Us

Galvanised cattle crush local pastoral Co Ravenshoe North Qld 1994D-CAM Enterprises was founded by Dick Campbell 2004. Before this he worked around the Dean/Newlyn district repairing and building farm machinery. The type of bulk produce handling bins that are required for transporting potatoes to McCain Foods and other Companies soon became a speciality of Dick,s work. As his reputation grew it became obvious that a “home base” so to speak, was needed to meet the demand for these types of bins.

The fitting of roll tarps to these types of bins also became a speciality of Dick,s. These allow the operator to open and close the tarps from ground level which meets the OH&S commitments of various factories and receival points.

Many operators now use these types of bins throughout Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland.

Prior to moving to the Newlyn District Dick operated an engineering business based on the Atherton Tablelands in North Qld. It was here that Dick gained valuable experience in carrying out engineering and fabrication duties for the logging industry, transport operators, mining companies, remote on site work, local farmers, the local shire, structural steel work for builders and contract work for the Qld Electricity Commission.

D-CAM Enterprises has a high clearance shed ( 6 meters ) with an overhead crane of 3.2 tonne capacity and a floor area of 360 square meters. We are at present extending the shed to allow for another 180 square meters of work area. There is excellent access to the premises and plenty of parking room for that large awkward job/vehicle.
There are also excellent freight services that travel past this address up to 4 times per day catering for all types of deliveries.